OrangePCi 400, 500, 600 and PCfx! Series
Update Description
OrangePC Full Software Upgrade: Requires OrangePC software version 3.3.1 or older 3.4.2
OrangePC Application Only Upgrade: Requires OrangePC software version 3.4 3.4.2
OrangePCi Shared Volumes fix for OrangePC 3.4 Easy Install CD-ROM. Select as a Floppy Disk Image and run the setup program under Windows. For additional information on accessing a floppy disk image, refer to page 49 "Select Floppy Disk Image" in the OrangePC / PCfx! User's Manual (1.0 MB)
Known Conflicts
  • Macintosh Virtual Memory must be OFF
  • Disk Cache in the Macintosh Memory Contol Panel must be set to 128k
OrangePCi Version History
What's new in OrangePC version 3.4.2 software?
  • Fixes a hangup with certain processors at startup after the BIOS post. This problem was introduced in OrangePC version 3.3.1
  • Fixes a problem that the floppy driver has had with Microsoft Office 2000.

What's new in OrangePC version 3.4.1 software?

  • Support for the Power Macintosh G4 AGP series.
  • Fix freeze after BIOS post in some system
What's new in OrangePC version 3.4 software?
  • Support for ATAPI Devices (Like the internal Zip drive)
  • Miscellaneous keyboard fixes
What's new in OrangePC version 3.3.1 software?
  • Support for USB Printers
  • Support for USB Floppy Disk Drives
  • PCI expansion chassis support (configure system bridge chips for equal arbitration)
  • Fix Caps Lock from locking up in DOS
  • Fix rebooting with Caps Lock set, causing the keyboard to be inoperable
  • Escape Key bypasses memory test
  • Update BIOS for the OrangePC 600 series boards
  • Update Video BIOS for the OrangePC 660
What's new in OrangePC version 3.3 software?
  • Update BIOS for 620, PCfx! and 660 series boards
  • Now displays Orange Micro BIOS extension version
  • MacOS 8.5 Navigational services enhancements
  • Orange Micro SCSI driver support for WinNT
  • Clipboard Exchange support for WinNT
  • FastSwitch support for WinNT
  • CD-ROM Auto Play support for WinNT
  • Fixed Modem problem on slow Macs
  • Input Sprockets no longer required if not using Joystick
  • Fixed Caps Lock freeze problem
  • Fixed crash when launching OrangePCi application if it is already running
  • Fixed CD-ROM found problem in Win9x
  • Fixed freeze when downloading large files on a network
What's new in OrangePC version 3.2 software?
  • Support for PCfx!™ Game Board
  • Support for OrangePC 660
  • Support for Epson StylusCOLOR 3600, 1520, 850,800, 600, Epson Stylus Photo,
  • Epson Stylus Photo 700 and Epson Stylus Photo EX
  • Supports internal modem
  • Improved emulated serial port performance
  • Supports emulated joystick
  • MacOS 8.5 Support
Whats new in OrangePC version 3.1.1?
  • Improved Wave Sound Support
  • Direct Sound Support
  • MIDI Sound Support
  • OrangePC NDIS4 Ethernet Networking with improved network performance and compatibility for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0. In addition, support for CopsTalk and PC MacLan
  • Windows NT support for OrangePC 620 (no sound or emulated serial ports)
What's new in OrangePC version 3.1 software?
  • 32 bit NDIS3 Plug and Play Ethernet driver for Windows 95/98
  • 32 bit Windows 95/98 Plug and Play SCSI driver automatically detects
  • OrangePC enabled SCSI devices connected to the Macintosh SCSI port, like Zip, Jaz, Syquest drives, Scanners, CD-ROMs, etc
  • 32-bit Windows 95/98 hard drive, floppy drive and CD-ROM drive support and
  • support for long file names and audio CD-ROMs
  • PC serial/parallel ports COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, LPT1, LPT2 and LPT3: can use Mac external modem and printer ports under Windows 95/98
  • Clipboard Exchange allows copy and paste of graphics and text between Macintosh and Windows 95/98 applications
  • Snapshot enables OrangePC Windows 95/98 users to continuously monitor the background system environment like "Picture in Picture" on many TV sets
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