iBOT Windows Product
 Update Description
 Date Released
Windows 98SE, Me,2000, XP
iBOT driver for Windows (3.6MB)
The iBOT installer v2.2 includes the iBOT v3.0 Windows driver. The FireWire iBot v3.0 driver is recommended for all versions of Windows.
2.2 5/05/03 
Supported Frame Sizes 30 FPS 15 FPS 7.5 FPS 3.75 FPS
RGB 24 640 x 480 X X X
RGB 24 320 x 240 X X X X
RGB 24 160 x 120 X X X
Y 411 640 x 480 X X X X
Y 422 640 x 480 X X X
Y 422 320 x 240 X X X X
Y 444 160 x 120 X X X X
Y 800 640 x 480 Mono X X X X

Windows XP
Windows XP has a built-in iBOT driver. Windows XP will automatically install the built-in iBOT driver. The Windows XP iBot driver has a very limited set of features. We highly recommend you refer to "Installing the Orange Micro iBOT driver in Windows XP" section of the iBOT Manual.pdf , Chapter 3. Here you will find step by step instructions on updating the Microsoft Windows XP built-in iBOT driver to the new Orange Micro iBOT v3.0 driver

To access the iBOT Manual v2.2, click on Windows Start/Programs/Orange Micro iBOT/iBOT Manual.pdf

Windows XP Features

More choices for Color "Space/Compression" : RGB 24, Y 411, Y 422, Y 444 and Y 800 (Mono). As well as more frame size choices, including 160 x 120 required by several video conferencing programs such as Yahoo Messenger.

Camera setting controls now fully supported under Windows XP include:

    On the Video Proc Amp tab

    • Contrast
    • Gamma (0 or 1)
    • Backlight Comp (0 - 6)
    • Default to restore default settings

    On the Camera Control tab

    • Exposure
    • Default to restore default settings

    On the Extensions tab

    • Flip Image
    • Mirror Image

Windows 2000 Issues Fixed
Windows 2000 SP3 issue: Quitting an application accessing the iBOT camera causes a blue screen crash.

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