Orange Micro’s eyeball-esque iBOT ($129) sports a funky, foot-shaped desk stand. You get a 640 x 480-pixel CCD sensor, but Orange Micro widens the view to 62 degrees to take in more action and provides a FireWire interface for compatibility with both PCs and Macs.

The Webcam can pull off 30 frames per second (fps) at 640 x 480 - pixel resolution, without resorting to compression or interpolation, and the lens boast the admirable focal range of one centimeter to infinity.

The regular iBOT sells for $99, but we prefer the Pro version for $129 because it comes with a microphone headset and additional software, including ArcSoft’s Video and Photo Impression titles, iVisit and iSpQ video conferencing. TiVeo’s Video Suite for streaming, and BTV Pro for video editing on Macs. The result is you get a great camera with an equally great usage experience right out of the box.

Orange Micro