Julie Moeller

DATE: October 25, 2020

Orange Micro first to ship USB 2.0 hub

Anaheim, CA –
Orange Micro, a leader in USB 2.0 hardware development announced today that they have commenced shipment of the OrangeUSB 2.0 Hubs.

Orange Micro’s OrangeUSB 2.0 Hi-Speed Hub lets you add more USB peripherals to your desktop computer. The hub has 5 ports which will connect either the new USB 2.0 high performance peripherals or the legacy USB 1.1 devices. This means it is fully "backward compatible" with all existing USB products. The hub is 100% compliant with the USB 2.0 specifications and is certified by the USBIF.

The OrangeUSB 2.0 Hub will allow users to add multiple higher performance peripherals such as high resolution video conferencing cameras, and the next generation of USB 2.0 scanners, printers, and fast storage devices. The OrangeUSB Hub technology will allow you to connect up to 127 USB devices to your computer, and comes with a certified USB 2.0 cable.

The OrangeUSB Hub comes with an AC power adapter providing 500 milliamps of power per port for bus powered USB devices.

The OrangeUSB Hub has an MSRP of $59 and will be available in large quantities by mid-November.

Pdf spec sheets can be found on the website at

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