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DATE: April 24, 2020

SUBJECT: WebCamDV™ DV Camcorder to web cam Converter v2.0 now supports DV audio and allows remote control of all the features of your DV camcorder from anywhere in the world.

Anaheim, CA – Last Fall, Orange Micro released WebCamDV, a powerful software package that gave DV camcorder owners the power to use their camcorder as a web cam. Camcorder owners could use their camcorders for remote home surveillance and to broadcast live or pre-recorded video worldwide instantly.

Today, WebCamDV version 2.0 has taken the concept even further by giving users the ability to remotely access all the playback/record functions, as well as zoom and focus* the camcorder image from a remote location. All of this is possible while viewing the video in your favorite web cam application. These remote operations can be accessed by clicking your mouse on the buttons on the WebCamDV interface which is sleek, attractive, and extremely user friendly.

Integrated support for DV audio is also new to version 2.0 of WebCamDV. Streaming audio from your DV camcorder microphone or pre-recorded video is possible in your favorite web cam application.

How it works:
After installing WebCamDV version 2.0 on your PC, you will be able to set up your DV camcorder as a surveillance, video conferencing, chat, or web broadcasting device using your favorite web cam applications. Then, at any other location in the world with an internet connection, you can access the camcorder through the included WebCamDV software and interface. Just click the "Zoom" buttons for a wider view of the image or extreme close up. Click the "Focus" buttons to sharpen the display. There are also "Play," "Stop," "Rewind", "Fast Forward" and even "Record" buttons on the WebCamDV interface so you have complete control of your Camcorder over the Internet.

If you are video conferencing and both parties own WebCamDV, there is even an option on the interface to remotely control BOTH cameras, from one location! So if you have an associate or relative who is a technophobe, you can set the camera up at their location. Then, they are one click away from being able to video conference with you at any time, and you can control both images from your remote location!

Free Trial Version:
To download the free trial version of WebCamDV v. 2.0, please visit

General Details:
WebCamDV version 2.0 boxed version carries a MSRP of $29.95 and will commence shipping in April, 2003. The price includes a 6 ft, 6 pin/4 pin FireWire cable to connect the DV camera to your computer, along with numerous web cam software programs for chat, surveillance, teleconferencing and broadcasting. WebcamDV version 2.0 is also available for instant download for only $20 from (no cable or additional programs included).
Free Upgrade:
WebCamDV version 1.0 users will be able to upgrade to version 2.0 for no additional charge! The upgrade can be downloaded by visiting

If you need to upgrade your computer with a FireWire port , a FireWire upgrade PCI card is available from Orange Micro for an additional $29 (Part #70HTL13944). An optional FireWire Repeater is also available from Orange Micro that will extend your FireWire connection an additional 15 feet.

Contact Information:
Qualified editors can obtain an evaluation unit by contacting Mike Hurst

*Remote Zoom and Focus is only available on DV camcorders that support control of these features through software.

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