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  • DATE: July 23, 2020

    SUBJECT: Orange Micro launches Blue2™ Wireless Headset with Microphone, bringing hands-free convenience to multimedia applications on the computer via Bluetooth™ Technology.

    Company pairs its USB Adapter with JABRA“ FreeSpeak‘ for Wireless Connectivity

    Anaheim, CA - Gaming, videoconferencing, and many other multimedia computer applications can now be used wirelessly and hands free, thanks to Orange Micro’s Blue2 Wireless Headset. Blue2 conveniently pairs Orange Micro’s USB Bluetooth adapter with JABRA’s FreeSpeak Bluetooth wireless headset. The package also includes a CD-ROM with drivers and 8 trial applications, and a 20-inch extension cable to connect the adapter to your USB port if desired.

    "By eliminating the wire running from the headset to the computer, Blue2 brings wireless benefits to every application that incorporates sound. Examples include listening to MP3s, talking with friends as you play your favorite Internet game, speech recognition, videoconferencing, and that’s just the beginning." said Arthur Scotten, president of Orange Micro. "Our relationship with JABRA gives great value to consumers who want to take full advantage of the voice and audio capabilities available through their computers. "

    To operate Blue2, users simply plug the Blue2 Bluetooth to USB adapter into their USB port, and in a few moments they are able to communicate wirelessly worldwide through the JABRA FreeSpeak headset while enjoying the freedom of being up to 30 feet away from their computer. Designed to conform behind the ear, the unobtrusive FreeSpeak headset weighs less than an ounce, allowing users to comfortably wear it for hours.

    The trial applications included in the Blue2 package let users experience the wide range of possibilities this technology affords. Examples include videoconferencing, voice over IP (VoIP) for long distance calling and gaming chat, speech recognition, and dictation programs. The JABRA FreeSpeak headset will also function with most Bluetooth enabled cell phones. You can have a hands free solution and use as you roll down the highway. The headset has built in a touch intuitive volume control and on/off button.

    "JABRA is all about developing smart ways for people to communicate," said Raleigh Wilson, General Manager for JABRA. "Working with Orange Micro on Blue2 is a natural extension of our mission since it brings so many benefits to consumers who enjoy the convenience of going hands free."

    About Orange Micro
    Orange Micro is a twenty-three year old veteran hardware and software developer. Orange Micro has a reputation as an industry leader in bringing PC/Mac products to market first for USB 2.0, FireWire, Bluetooth, and Web Cam applications.
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    About JABRA Corporation
    JABRA Corporation provides hands-free communication products for telecommunications applications. It is the foremost provider of innovative hands-free products in the mobile consumer market. For more information on JABRA call 800-EAR-2230 or visit the website at

    Blue2 Computer Operating System Requirements: Windows 98SE or newer upon first ship, with Mac OS X support expected late 2003. Requires one available USB port.

    Blue2 Product Details: The Blue2 Wireless Headset with Microphone has an MSRP of $129.99 and will ship on August 18th, 2003. The package includes the Blue2 USB to Bluetooth adapter, Jabra FreeSpeak headset, installation guide, and software CD with the latest version of Bluetooth software and 8 trial applications to for the user to experiment with. There is also a power supply and charger included, and a USB extension cable that you can use to connect the adapter to your USB port for maximum range. For more information about Blue2, please visit

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