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DATE: June 12, 2020

SUBJECT: Orange Micro to ship the Blue2™ Bluetooth™ USB Adapter for wireless networking.

Anaheim, CA - Orange Micro expands into the Bluetooth arena by releasing the Blue2 Bluetooth USB Adapter. This tiny and attractive Bluetooth adapter plugs into your existing USB port and instantly allows you to benefit from the wireless revolution that is based on Bluetooth technology.

As more and more computers, phones, cameras, high end printers, and PDAs are Bluetooth enabled, you will need a Bluetooth adapter that can connect all of them wirelessly to your computer. Once the required software is installed, simply insert the adapter into your existing USB port, and "scan the area" for Bluetooth devices. The on screen Bluetooth interface will locate your Bluetooth devices. Click on the device you want to connect with and voila - you are now a part of the Bluetooth wireless network revolution.

The Blue2 Bluetooth USB Adapter is a class II Bluetooth device, providing a communication range of approximately 30 feet. The futuristic looking adapter plugs directly into your existing USB port, or you can use the included extension cable to expand its reach to enjoy an improved range of communication.

Operating System Requirements: Windows 98SE and newer or Mac OS X (10.2 and newer). Requires one available USB 1.1 or newer port.

Product Details: Blue2 has an MSRP of $39 and will ship on end of July. For more information about the Blue2 adapter, please visit

Contact Information: Editors can request samples or make further inquiries about the Blue2 Bluetooth USB Adapter by e-mailing sales at

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