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DATE: September 10, 2020

SUBJECT: Introducing WebCamDVTM: The powerful new software which lets your DV camcorder function as a web cam

Anaheim, CA - There are tons of great web cam software applications on the market covering video conferencing, chat, surveillance, and web broadcasting. But unfortunately, the available web cams are limited in features when compared to DV camcorders. WebCamDV is a remarkable utility which allows DV camcorders and their numerous features to work with all web cam applications.

DV Camcorder features for the web!

To begin with, your DV camcorder has great optics; 3CCD or better in most cases. It provides up to 640 x 480 resolution at 30 frames per second with great color. Typical web cams can’t compare!

Most DV camcorders feature auto focus, digital stabilization for your shaky hands, a stereo sound microphone, snapshots, and a fade trigger. You can also zoom up to 700x. These are great new capabilities for your web applications.

There are a slew of special effects such as black and white, 8 bit rasterization, pastel mode, posterization, mirroring, flip, multi-image screen, mosaic, sepia, ball, cube, card mix, and many others.

Another unique feature is night vision. This adds a whole new meaning to web surveillance programs with the ability to enhance security in the dark. In summary, if your DV camera has the feature, with WebCamDV your web application can use it.

Advantages of DV camcorders for webcasting.
You can "film" a video on your DV camera, edit it if you wish, then archive it back on your DV camera. By using a web broadcasting application such as WebCam32, your DV camcorder (acting as a web cam) can broadcast your prerecorded (or live) video via the Internet to your friends or business partners.

Combine WebCamDV with your camcorder, and you have the world’s best web cam.

WebCamDV carries a MSRP of $29.95 and will commence shipping on October 1, 2002. The price includes a 6 ft, 6 pin/4 pin FireWire cable to connect the DV camera to your computer. Users will need a FireWire port on their system. A FireWire upgrade PCI card is available from Orange Micro for an additional $29 (Part #70HTL13944). An optional FireWire Repeater is also available from Orange Micro which will extend your FireWire connection an additional 15 feet. For more information visit Qualified editors can obtain an evaluation unit by contacting Julie Moeller-Montez at sales at

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