Finally, a USB 2.0 Web Cam!

Orange Micro is first to market with the iBOT2, a USB 2.0 Hi-speed based desktop video camera. iBOT2 harnesses the speed and power of USB 2.0 technology unmatched by the slower USB 1.1-based web cams. Orange Micro's iBOT2 is the desktop video camera for the rest of us, providing crisp, clear video at a price you can afford.

iBOT2 USB 2.0 Web Cam Features

480 Mb/sec. USB 2.0 High Speed compatible
Fully compatible with Windows
Non-compressed full-motion digital video at rates of up to 30 Frames/sec @ 640 x 480 depending on your system configuration
1/3" Color CMOS Image Sensor
< 2.5 lux @ f1.4
60 degree angle of view
Effective Pixels: 664 x 492
Frame size up to 640 x 480
Currently supports RGB 24-bit formats
Tripod Mount
Millions of colors (24 bit)
Supports Plug-and-Play specification
Requires USB 2.0 a Port


6 foot iBOT2 attached cable with a Type A connector

Package Includes:

iBOT USB 2.0 Web Cam
Software CD with drivers
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400Mhz or above Pentium compatible computer with an available USB 2.0 Port (USB 2.0 PORT REQUIRED); Windows 98SE or newer; 16-bit Sound card

Not compatible with Macintosh Systems
ArcSoft Video Impression
ArcSoft Photo Impression
Teveo Vidio Suite
Microsoft NetMeeting
USB 2.0
70USB90050 (Does not include a USB 2.0 PCI Board)
70USB90051 (Includes a USB 2.0 PCI Board)
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iBOT2 USB 2.0 Web Cam

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