Orange Micro is first to market with the iBOT, a FireWire-based desktop video camera.
iBOT harnesses the speed and power of FireWire unmatched by the slower USB-based web cams. In fact, the inexpensive iBOT uses the same IEEE 1394 technology built into pricey DV camcorders costing over 7 times as much. Orange Micro's iBOT is the desktop video camera for the rest of us, providing crisp, clear video at a price you can afford.

iBOT FireWire Web Cam Features

400 Mb/sec. IEEE 1394 compatible (camera consumes only 200 Mb/s bandwidth)
Non-compressed full-motion digital video at rates of up to 30 Frames/sec @ 640 x 480 depending on your system configuration
1/4" Color CCD Image Sensor
62 degree angle of view
Effective Pixels: 659 x 494
PCI 2.1 Compliant
Frame size up to 640 x 480
Focusable lens from 1cm to infinity
Supports YUV 4:1:1, YUV 4:2:2, YUV 4:4:4, and RGB 24-bit formats
Millions of colors (24 bit)
Supports Plug-and-Play specification
Supports up to 2 cameras per bus simultaneously


6 foot cable with 6 pin IEEE 1394 FireWire connector

Package Includes:

iBOT FireWire Web Cam
Software CD with drivers
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400Mhz or above Pentium compatible computer withan available FireWire Port; Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 or XP; 16-bit Sound card

One available FireWire Port; 3.5mm microphone jack or USB microphone jack adapter; Mac OS 8.6, Mac OS 9.x.x or Mac OS X
Ulead Photo Explorer Pro
iVisit Video Conferencing Software
Teveo Vidio Suite
Microsoft NetMeeting

BTV Pro (trial version)
iVisit Video Conferencing Software
FireWire, iLink, IEEE-1394
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iBOT FireWire Web Cam
iBOT Pro FireWire Web Cam
iBOT2 USB 2.0 Web Cam

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