Benefits of FireWire (IEEE-1394) Technology

The major benefit of the OrangeLink FireWire technology is its ease of use. Imagine automatic configuration, no device IDs or terminators, simple to use cables, and of course, "hot plug" connectivity. Consider a FireWire disk drive for example. You can disconnect it from one computer and connect it to another; no need to power down or restart, or even use a power cord. You can move whole databases around your workgroup "live"! Or, when the office day is done, pop it into your shirt pocket, and hot plug it to your home computer.

The fastest growing use for FireWire consists of digital video (DV) camcorders. The digital format of these devices provides precise audio and video capabilities in an original digital format which is more directly compatible with a computer than the current analog video cameras.

Be sure to check out our Firewire 800 products, including a 64-bit (32-bit compatible) FireWire 800 PCI card as well as a 32-bit FireWire 800 for Notebooks card.


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