Gaming, videoconferencing, listening to .mp3s, and many other multimedia computer applications can now be heard wirelessly and hands free, thanks to Orange Micro’s Blue2 Wireless Headset with Microphone.

To operate Blue2, users simply plug the Bluetooth to USB adapter into their USB port, and in a few moments they are able to communicate wirelessly worldwide through the JABRA FreeSpeak headset while enjoying the freedom of being up to 30 feet away from their computer.

The trial applications included in the Blue2 package let users experience the wide range of possibilities the technology affords. Examples include videoconferencing, voice over IP (VoIP) for long distance calling and gaming chat, speech recognition, and dictation programs. The JABRA FreeSpeak headset will also function with your Bluetooth enabled cell phone.  You can have a hands free solution as you drive safely down the highway. The headset has built in a touch intuitive volume control and on/off button.


Includes Bluetooth software for Windows
Can be worn on either ear
JABRA FreeSpeak offers louder speaker volume than most headsets due to its active battery-powered amplifier.
Security: pairing, encryption, authentication
The freedom to leave your computer without removing your headset

Hardware Features:

Blue2 Bluetooth USB Adapter
Full Speed, Low Power, USB 1.1 compliant, USB 2.0 compatible
Bluetooth V1.1 compliant
Class II Bluetooth device
Data Transfer rate of up to 723 Kbps
30 Feet (10 Meter) transmitting range
Blue2 USB adapter DC power: 5V from USB port
Supporting 2.4GHz ~ 2.483GHz
The Blue2 Bluetooth USB Adapter can connect up to 7 different Bluetooth devices at a time.
JABRA FreeSpeak Headset
Typical Standby Time: 100 hours
Typical Talk Time: 3 hours
Battery Type: rechargeable lithium polymer
Typical Charging Time: 2 hours

Package Includes:

Blue2 USB to Bluetooth Adapter
20 inch USB range enhancement cable
JABRA FreeSpeak wireless headset
JABRA charging cradle
Charging cradle clip for belt or purse
AC power adapter used with charging cradle
Three JABRA MiniGels (one attached to the headset, plus two additional)
Software and Manual CD-ROM
Quickstart Guide

Compatible with Bluetooth enabled cell phones that have hands free and headset profiles.
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One available USB 1.1 port; Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 or XP

Mac OS X support expected Q-2 2004
Bluetooth Software and Drivers for Windows

Bluetooth™ , Bluetooth Specification v1.1
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Blue2 Bluetooth USB Adapter

Blue2 featuring JABRA FreeSpeak

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